Saturday, September 25, 2010

CBE Notes - 9/24/2010

The new CBE officers met for the first time last weekend at Jason and Jade's house to hash out some business, old and new. Below you'll find the topics we discussed.

Treasurer's Report:

No, seriously, we are doing fine.

Fundraiser Dinner: We are looking at December of January. It seems that there are open dates in December, but the officers are pushing for January so as to give the homebrewers some time to whip up something good. Former CBE president, Jamie, is heading the effort to get this brew ready for the dinner. Check the CBE Groups site for more details. In the meantime, we are actively searching for worthy charities. If you know any, be sure to mention them in the comments below.

Next Tasting: On Monday, September 27th at 8:00, we will meet at Flat Branch for our first "British Isles" tasting. Members and nonmembers are encouraged to bring beers that represent styles from England, Scotland, Ireland, and even Whales. These can be imports or American versions of British ales. 

Future Tastings: We are looking at a tasting sometime in October, probably 2-3 weeks after the British Isles tasting. We'll know the date as soon as a location is determined. October's tasting will feature fall seasonals (Oktoberfest, pumpkin ale, porters, etc.).

In November, we're focusing on the great breweries of Colorado. (No, that does not include Coors.) So, bring out your Avery, Great Divide, and New Belgium brews for this one. Hopefully, we will do tastings in the future that feature other great beer-brewing states.

Also, for November, we are looking into an "off tasting" for homebrewers (and really anyone else who's interested). Depending on the number of interested parties, we'll contribute to the $30 per person pricetag for "spikes" that are added to normal beers to help us identify off tastes in beer. Be on the lookout for more information on the CBE discussion board.

December's tasting promises to be a fun, if not interesting event. We're going with the season and holding the first ever CBE White Elephant Gift Exchange! Each attendee will be asked to bring a beer or beer-related gift (as well as beer to drink). We'll draw numbers and the first person will get their choice of a gift. Once the gift is opened, the second person has a choice between stealing the gift or picking a new one. The process continues from there. Keep the gifts $15 and under. As opposed to most White Elephants, try to bring something people might  actually want.

Spring Field Trip: The officers are looking into organizing a field trip to Kansas City in the early spring/late winter. Among other stops, we're considering Boulevard, Flying Saucer, and 75th Street Brewery. Members' input on possible stops are welcome.

There are other things in the works for the CBE. Stay informed by visiting our website and subscribing to this blog.

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