Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Weekend Update: Pub Crawls, Spiked Beer, & Brew Masters

It was a busy weekend for CBE members.

Friday, several of us hit the streets downtown to celebrate one member's birthday. We started at CBE favorite Sycamore with pork belly sliders and various selections from their extensive beer list. It's worth noting that all Sycamore bar menu items and specified beers on tap are half off during happy hour.

We then sauntered over to Broadway Brewery just down the street. Several of us enjoyed Broadway's Winter Warmer while other's raided Broadway's nice bottle and guest tap list. We weren't there for long as we had other stops to make.

A detour was taken down Ninth to Top-Ten Wines. Out came the Goose Island Nightstalker, He'Brew "13", and ping-pong table as this haven for the wine-obsessed was invaded by a bunch of beer nerds.

The night was completed at Uprise where we all sipped on our beers outside, on the patio.

It's great to know that we have so many good options to fill our craft beer needs. We didn't even make it to Flat Branch and we still filled the evening with great beers.

This wasn't an official CBE event, but there's no reason more of us can't organize such get-togethers on the website or Facebook group page. Feel free to use these forums to schedule the kinds of beer events you want. There certainly is an audience on either site.

Saturday rolled around and several members met at my house for the Spiked Beer Tasting. Normally, would never subject ourselves to drinking bad beer, but in the name of science, we carried on. Jarrett walked us through each spike, helping us identify what we were tasting and what caused each off flavor. And because we all homebrew, there was talk of a collaborative beer to only be known as "Nanna".

Afterwards, we washed the bad taste from our mouths with some good beer.

Sunday was a big night for the craft beer community in general as Discovery Channel's Brew Masters debuted. The show created quite a bit of buzz on Twitter and in the blogosphere as well as among CBE members. Some discussion can be found on Facebook, the CBE site, and even on at least one member's own beer blog.

What did you think of Brew Masters? Will you watch it again? Is it just an infomercial for Sam Calagione's Dogfish Head Brewery? Should the CBE organize an event around future episodes?

What do you think about more spiked beer or other homebrew events? What are you thoughts on more CBE (official or unofficial) pub crawls?

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