Thursday, January 27, 2011

January and February Events

Inspired by Jade's initiative to post on this blog, I figured you all would like to know what's going on...

January has nearly passed us by without so much as one tasting. Luckily for you, the CBE has one event before February. Additionally, there are two more events planned for next month.

On Monday, January 31st, Broadway Brewery will be hosting our cellared beer/barley wine tasting. So, dust off those bottles in the back of your cellar and bring them in for this tasting. If you are not one to save beers for more than a year, there are plenty of options in the stores. Besides finding newer versions of some of the proposed beers on hand, a careful inspection of labels will reveal there are many already-cellared beers waiting for you. I've personally noticed several vintages of Schlafly's barley wines and imperial stouts from previous years still occupying shelf space all around Columbia.

To RSVP, go to either the Facebook group or the CBE Groups site. Be sure to list the beer(s) you plan to bring. The tasting will get underway around 8:00 PM. We'll conduct the tasting differently as we'll ask that you give your beers to a CBE officer so that we can pace and sequence the beers. As usual, the tasting fees apply if you are not a CBE member. $5 with beer, $10 without.

The following Sunday, February 6th, is the Super Bowl party, hosted by members Kate and David. Although the pregame show starts sometime this week, our hosts ask that you show up around 5:00 PM. Kids and family members are welcome. This is a free CBE event. There will be food, but contributing to the effort (both food and beer) is encouraged. RSVP here and/or here and list any beer and food you plan to bring.

From 4-7 PM on Sunday, February 27th, Flat Branch will host our porter/stout tasting. Again, tasting fees apply to non-CBE members. RSVP here and/or here.

Also, in February, we are tying to organize a homebrew-only tasting. If you have any interest in participating and/or hosting, please let a CBE officer know or leave a comment on this blog.

We are still working on a road trip to Kansas City in April. There will be more word on that as information is gathered. CBE members will get first dibs on spots in the van. So, it behooves one to join ASAP.

As always, keep up with CBE happenings on Facebook, Groups, Twitter, and through our Google Calendar.


  1. I'm intersted in the homebrew tasting as long as people are willing to provide constructive criticism.

    Jeff F

  2. Jeff, my experience with CBE homebrewers is that they are extremely helpful in this area. We enjoy trying each other's brews and giving lots of feedback. There's also a pretty solid knowledge base with loads of ideas for improving your homebrew. So, I'd suggest taking full advantage as this homebrew-specific tasting will offer more benefits to your brewing than a typical tasting.

  3. I figured as such, Zac and am looking forward to it.



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